Le 108 long necklace in vermeil and wood

Long necklace made of wooden beads set around a vermeil motif set with black spinels.


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  • Long necklace made of 108 wooden beads, just like traditional malas. These pearls are set around a delicately sculpted vermeil motif, set with black spinels.
  • Miniature carved vermeil rings featuring the same geometry.
  • Precious vermeil drops set with black spinels give the necklace an elegant fall.
  • Decorative vermeil plate engraved with the inscription “Marathi”.
  • A refined yet casual necklace that’s easy to wear every day, alone or with the Eonia choker or Naos pendant.
Precious metal


  • Length 90cm approx.
  • Vermeil (recycled 925 silver coated with 5 microns of recycled 18-carat yellow gold)
  • Weight 14.60 grs approx.
  • 20 black spinels 0.38 ct
  • Wooden beads: 6, 8 and 10 mm
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Exceptional expertise

Our creations are made exclusively with precious metals: 925 sterling silver, vermeil and 14 or 18-carat gold, guaranteeing their resistance and brilliance over time.

Vermeil, made from solid silver coated with a thick layer of 18-carat gold (5 microns), is quite different from simple gold plating, which is achieved by applying a very thin layer of gold to brass, copper or non-solid silver. Recognized by the entire profession as a precious metal, it has always been used in all jewelry trades.
The stones adorning our creations are all 100% natural, unheated, whether precious (diamonds, sapphires), fine (tourmalines, spinels) or ornamental (lapis lazuli, turquoise, malachite).
All our creations are based on an original design, which is then transformed into a piece of jewelry handcrafted by our craftsmen who have been in the business for decades. Each piece signed Marathi Paris is unique.

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  • Marathi Paris jewels are precious creations that should be treated with care and delicacy.
  • We recommend that you avoid contact with water and remove them when showering or swimming (freshwater, seawater, pool), as well as after prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • It's also important to avoid contact with your perfumes and care products, which can damage and discolor metal, wood, enamel or stone. When applying perfume, simply wait a few minutes before wearing your jewelry. The same applies to household products, which must not come into contact with your Marathi Paris jewelry.
  • We also advise you to avoid wearing them during sports activities that could result in shocks.
  • To preserve the brilliance of your Marathi jewels, you can clean them with a soft, dry cloth or a very fine brush, handling them delicately. The stone beads in the Mala collection are all of natural, unheated origin. In contact with the metal, a halo of dust may form over time. Simply rub the stone gently with your fingertips to restore its original lustre.
  • Finally, we suggest storing them in a dry place in their individual cases to avoid any rubbing between the stones, and laying the chains flat to avoid knots.
Le 108 long necklace in vermeil and wood

In stock