Savoir-faire joaillier


The quest for excellence


Maison Marathi’s partner jewelry workshops in India and Italy are each RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certified. Committed to an ethical and responsible approach to jewellery-making and the sourcing of stones and metals, they are also committed to respecting the rights of the craftsmen and women they employ.


Made from recycled gold or silver, each creation is handcrafted by the jewelers of our partner workshops. Each model has been designed and crafted with the same exacting standards and attention to detail as on the Place Vendôme, guided by a constant quest for excellence and refinement.

The precious metals were also chosen for their spirituality and complementary nature. Gold, the metal of awakened consciousness and spiritual wealth, refers to sunlight, illumination and knowledge. Silver, a metal associated with energy and femininity, is associated with moonlight. And the two complement each other gracefully to create a perfect harmony like yin and yang, water and fire, feminine and masculine. Finally, several models are made in vermeil, just as much considered a precious metal. Made of 925 sterling silver coated with 5 microns of 18-carat gold, it enhances the raw character of the wood with which it is associated.

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The wood used in the manufacture of Marathi malas comes from the Indian walnut tree, known as “Siris”, a non-endangered species of tree, robust and highly appreciated for its medicinal virtues as much as for its aesthetics.

The precious, fine and ornamental stones used are all of natural, unheated origin. As a result, they can sometimes present a few imperfections and are not always homogeneous. Their origins are well-known and varied: India, South Africa, Madagascar, Afghanistan. They have each been chosen, alone or in combination, for their recognized virtues and properties in lithotherapy, which is why we have forbidden ourselves certain combinations of stones that may be attractive to the eye, but whose powers are considered to be contrary.