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Divine myths, eternal art


As Jacqueline de Romilly writes, ancient Greece and its writings have never ceased to influence European culture. But there are also many parallels between ancient Greece and India.

Greek mythology and Vedic mythology and their great divinities echo each other; Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey expose the trials and tribulations of the human soul in the same way as the Baghavad Ghita; the influence of Greek art on Indian art can be seen in certain Hindu temple motifs; the meditation of pure consciousness practiced by Plato and Aristotle, like the greatest Hindu sages long before them, would seem to explain the greatness of ancient Greece…

“Greek mythology or Western yoga”, as philosopher Claude de Warren writes.


Greece is also the country where, from the very beginning, jewels in worked, hammered and chased gold, or in carved and cut stones, have been treasures of exceptional goldsmithing and craftsmanship, and are still today a major influence in the creation of contemporary jewelry.

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It was while delving into the history of yoga and meditation that the founder was inspired to blend her Greek roots with the richness of the Indian world to create precious objects, charged with meaning, to accompany us every day on the path of our own spirituality.