The four Dhyana figures, evoking mythical characters and animals in India and Greece, become talisman pendants.

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Pop or rock tone for these pendant talismans for everyday wear. Evoking highly symbolic figures and animals from India and Greece, the sculpted metal faces are adorned with delicate pearling. The cabochon 3rd eye and the sunburst-guilloché are testimony to the path illuminated by the spirit. The clasp features Shiva's tears in satin-finish metal, contrasting with the mirror-polished metal of the hoop.

4 figures in joyful dialogue: Buddha and Ganesha in a vermeil, enamel and center stone version; Mycena (the lion of Mycenae) and Noctua (the owl of the goddess Athena) in a rockier version in pavé silver and center stone. Each model is available in a small size, approx. 2 cm long, worn on a short chain, and a large size, approx. 4 cm long, with a long chain featuring 3 adjustment rings for varying lengths. Des variations en or très joaillières, raffinées, précieuses sont disponibles sur commande.