playlist de Mantras


Relaxing and accompanying your meditations

An age-old spiritual ritual invented by Indian sages, the mantra is a word, syllable or phrase, usually in Sanskrit, repeated several times.

It allows you to connect with the present moment and reach a state of meditation. Spoken, internalized or sung, the mantra helps to relax the body and calm the mind.

The founder discovered the power of mantras a few years ago when his yoga teacher ended his practices by chanting a mantra accompanied by his guitar. An unforgettable experience, of immediate well-being, and a profound impact at a time of intense professional questioning. Since then, mantras have become her constant companions, sometimes shared with her family, sometimes used to punctuate her own yoga and meditation practices. Here she shares some of her favorite mantras… a playlist that will be regularly renewed or added to, as it’s so difficult to make choices!

These mantras lend themselves particularly well to meditation with a mala. The mala serves as a cue for reciting the mantra, traditionally repeated 108 times. After each mantra is recited, a wooden ball is spun: the starting and finishing point being the “guru bead”, the central element of the necklace.

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