Intertwining passions


The founder, Cécile Aviérinos, is of Greek origin. Born in Marseille, the Phocaean city created by the Greeks, she is very attached to her Mediterranean roots, which she carries in her name, Aviérinos, whose poetic meaning “morning star” delighted her as a child and compensated for a difficult pronunciation at school!

Every summer, she travels to Greece with her family, experiencing these stays as a beneficial rebirth, a reconnection with nature and the present moment. Surrounded by silver-leafed olive trees, it’s a delight to immerse yourself in the gentle atmosphere of Greece: the song of the cicadas, the invigorating power of the light, the generosity of the sun and its people…


It was her grandmother from Athens who, as a young girl, drew her into her own passion for Greek jewelry. Playing the jewelry merchant on her visits, she would take her new treasures out of her luggage and systematically declare: “Cécile, when you grow up, you’ll open your own jewelry store and call it ‘Cécile Aube’ to honor your Greek name…”.

Later in her career, she worked for a major French luxury goods group, and in particular for one of the oldest jewelry houses on Place Vendôme. A long experience that reinforces her taste for creation, craftsmanship and design, and above all confirms her passion for jewelry.

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In recent years, yoga and meditation have become an obvious choice, as she discovers a universal philosophy of life. Over the years, yoga became a real passion, enabling her to take a new, more open, more conscious and more responsible look at the other aspects of her life. And yoga means India, its history, its currents of thought, its traditions…

Thus was born the desire to blending Greek roots with the richness of the Indian world to create a mindful jewlery that connects Beauty with goodness and with oneself… the desire to create precious objects, charged with meaning, that accompany us every day on the path to our own spirituality.